NumeN is an immense Narrative Universe developed by Age Of Games ( and conceived by the Narrative Designer Collective CyberScrivens.

The aim of the project is to create an independent experimental cross-media work based on a trilogy of novels, a comic, a pen&paper rpg and a strategy-rpg videogame. The common denominator of these media is the setting, a powerful immersion in a futuristic reality characterized by the existence of a cyber-oneiric web that connects, manipulates and confuses the unconscious dreams and thoughts of a humanity immersed in a hell of lies and despair. Salvation can only be achieved at the cost of a gruelling battle for the truth.

Following the launch of the first novel, which will be published and distributed in Italy by the well-known Delos publishing house from 9th April, many other developments and international meetings will be announced and it will be possible to talk and interact, even concerning elements of game or narrative design, directly with the authors at various stages of the project.

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